Committed to supporting all Victims of Crime and tragic circumstance, with emotional support and practical referrals.


Victim Services of Middlesex-London (VSML) is an organization providing practical assistance and emotional support to help victims of crime and/or tragic circumstances and contributes to a safe and healthy community through collaboration and cooperation with Police and Emergency Service Personnel.


Early intervention and support may assist individuals to cope with the aftermath of crime or tragic circumstance in the longer-term by relieving distress, supporting personal autonomy, and restoring self-reliance.

Current Board Members

John Elston

Michael Gray

Kristen Bycraft

Karen Gilbert

Brad Thompson

Murray Armstrong

Wesley George

Lindsay Lake

Cassandra Smith

Kaitlyn Cavacas

Laurie Hayman

Michele Kozdras

Together we can make a difference.

We are always looking for volunteers and are grateful to our donors.